Overtone Health

Empowering integrated health management with real-time contextual AI


A one platform approach

We want to lead the next phase of digital health and wellness adoption that is powered by AI and behavioral intelligence to cater to the digital consumer's most pressing health needs.

Our one platform strategy ensures we know their needs really well, even if disparate.

Our Core Capabilities

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    Applications of Data Science and AI

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    Consumer-Centric Service Design

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    mHealth and Business Model Innovation

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    Built for Global Scale

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    Functional and Clinical Insights
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    Ecosystem Partnerships


Our solutions portfolio is currently in stealth or in alpha-testing. Please contact us to learn more.

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    Behavioral Health

    Anxiety and emotions tracking application that uses AI on natural language to help creative and high performing professionals identify anxiety triggers to better control their thinking patterns

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    Comorbid Health Monitor

    Obesity, hypertension, diabetes and lifestyle-related diseases do not happen in isolation. An app designed for those with multiple conditions that continuously tracks and helps improve the patient's risk profile

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    Cardiac Telemetry

    A streaming cardiac (EKG) telemetry solution for monitoring of rhythms, arrhythmias, post-operative recovery, and various cardiac tests suitable for remote or critical patients

Partnerships and Affiliations

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